Bird watching in León (NW Spain)

Bird watching in León Bird watching in León? Definitely yes, for 192 bird species breed in this province. The leonese city of Astorga and its privileged location between the mountains and the steppe means that both the great bustard and the Cantabrian capercaillie, two of the most sought-after birds in Europe, are within an hour …

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A-ti, boutique bed and breakfast in Spain

A-ti, a boutique Bed and Breakfast in Spain A-ti B&B is a boutique bed and breakfast just 8 km from Astorga, in the beautiful Maragato village of Valderrey. A centuries-old farmhouse was rebuilt and refurbished to allocate five spacious, comfortable en-suite rooms for their guests. The common areas include the Maragato patio, paved with stones, …

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The petroglyphs of Maragateria

In 2008 Juan Carlos Campos, an archaeology lover, found an amazing set of petroglyphs facing Mount Teleno in Maragateria, near Astorga (province of León). The University of León dated the petroglyphs of Maragateria to approximately 2500 BC, in the Chalcolithic period, thus being one of the few genuine prehistoric labyrinth petroglyphs in the world, and …

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